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Hello dear reders my Name is 3343403.
Thats obviously a pen name but it should be easy for anyone to find out what it means. Anyway I’m starting a new blog hooray! This will be my first time doing something like this so please look after me from now on.

What is this Blog about?

  • This is really just me telling the story of how I got reincarnated into the body of a little girl after being murdered by Truck-kun
  • It’s bound to be a fun time full of aughter and smiles as we follow our main character through his struggles and how he[she] deals with them
  • Also, keep in mind that I am not a professional writer so if my storytelling seems weak or bland please point it out to me.

To help you get started, here are a few questions:

Here’s to having a blast as a new and aspiring blogger/writer.
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Re: Starting Life Again in Another Body after Dying Once Chapter one

Day XX Month OO

The story so far…
I Saotome Yakudoshi, have just died along with foreign high school student, Erica Rainsworth, the only “problem” right now is that instead of being dead I am currently in the body of Erica Rainsworth. I dont know how this happened but I am seriously considering dying again.

After screaming at my reflection in the suprisingly clean store window for a while the store clerk came out to stop interrupt me with her dissatisfaction showing on her face, it seems she’s quite angry with me for disturbing her customers inside, by the way this store I’m harrasing is actually a cafe and the people next to the window seem pretty scared
Oh please, I’m sure your day is going great isn’t it“, I give them the most intimidating looking face I can and storm off.

sigh“, As I’m walking down the sidewalk, trying not to get hit by any more cars, I notice that people are still giving me strange looks”I really need to change my clothes“, thinking that I decided to start browsing clothing stores but the keep turning me back at the door saying,
You look terrible, don’t come in here
We can’t let in someone covered in blood it’s bad for business
Sorry kid come back when you have better clothes
That last one really pissed me off, “How the heck am I supposed to get better clothes if you don’t let me in, retard!”, I screamed at him in my head, obviously I’m not going to say that to someone who looks like he eats rocks for breakfast.
“I’m starving”, I wonder how much cash I actually have, I mean from the uniform I’m wearing this girl must have been going to a really high class school,
I openned her wallet and its loaded with absolute trash. There’s stickers pictures of friends and other useless stuff, there are some credit cards but it’s not like I know her passcode *GROAN*wait hold on, “huh, there’s something stuck on one of the cards


In case you’ve forgotten your PIN it’s:

1234 tee-hee

“This girl had some serious issues”
“Well whatever”

I headed over to a ending machine and looked over what they had when it occured to me
Huh, since when did I know English this well
All through middle and high school I was an avereage D student when it came to English and all of a sudden I’ve become as fluent as a Native? Somethings not right here

“Like I’m one to talk Im meant to be dead”

“I shouldn’t be worrying about something like this now.
First I’ll head to an ATM and pull out some cash”

After finally getting some cash and eating something that looks like an energy bar I head over to one of the shops that kicked me out. After thinking that I must be some rich dudes kid or something they swindle me out of almost all my money, at least I’ve got some decent clothes.

I’m kitted out I’n a black bunny-eared hoodie and blue denim shorts withsome nice pink Hi-tops. Not what you’d expect from someone with a cute face like mine but still really cute.

Hmm, I’ve really outdone myself with this outfit, yes a blend of cuteness and a punk attitude. I doubt anyone would look down on me like this

While patting myself on the back for a job well done I raise my hoodie and pull it down over my face as I exit the store.

“Haa~~ Now that I’m fed and sporting a new look I think its about time I find out more about the new me”,
And with that in mind I head off to the one place where I’m sure to get the answers I need, St. Amanda’s school for girls. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get in without exposing who I am but I’ve gotta try. St. Amanda’s here I come!

Re: Starting Life Again in Another Body After Dying Once – The Begining


“As I reached a certain I age, I started to wonder when I FIRST started wishing I could start all over”

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.


In a certain city on a certain island country a certain middle aged man is waiting on the side walk same as everyone else but unlike his fellow strangers on the street this certain middle aged man has gone through more than his share of misfortune in his life and just seems to attract trouble, “sigh, I wish I could have had a better life”, this certain middle aged man thought. Sadly this certain middle aged man’s wish was soon to come true as a truck driver having a horrible day had just taken his eyes off the road for just a second and went straight through the curb and into the unfortunate middle aged man. He was the only victim. “Well at leats I don’t have to deal with this troublesome world anymore”, the middle aged man blacks out finally

“Huh,why am I still here? I can still feel my back on the ground but I shouldn’t right? Since I’m dead”.
I open my eyes to see a different truck stuck in the wall and an unconscious person behind the wheel, “Did I not see it right or did the truck get a complete makeover while running me over”,
“sigh, well at least I’m fine”, I said but something doesnt feel right about my voice, I try making a couple of dumb noises to check but somehow my voice just seems higher than usual.
“Well I’m sure I just have a cold”, saying that I try to get up and leave but for some reason there seems to be a comotion around the truck I walked up to one of the crowding people to find out whats going on,
“Excuse me but could you tell me what is going on here?”
“Ah, hello there it seems that a young girl was just crushed to death by an out of control truck”,the old man answered.
“Thats horrible, it’s a good thing I only got off with a few scratches then, huh”.
As I’m saying that the crowd seemed to have moved to surround me.
“Hmm, what seems to be the problem?”, I asked no one in particular
“Young lady, are you alright?”, an observer asked.
“Wasn’t she the one who was just run over?”
“Her uniform is covered in blood it has to be her but how?”

The crowd seemed to be talking about the girl that was crushed but, and I dont mean to be rude, isn’t she already dead and gone?
As I try to leave someone grabs my arm and tries to drag me back, I try to respand by jerking my hand free but somehow I’m feeling weaker than usual. I mean normally I’m not the most muscular or physically strong but a scrawny punk like this shouldn’t be able to-
“Hey, young lady please calm down you’ve just been in an accident we need to get you to a hospital”, the scrawny punk said.
“Hey! who are you calling young lady!?”,I scream back full of indignation but my squeeky, high pitched voice just embarasses me the more, I still dont know whats up with my voice.”In any case I need to get out of here
Finally I’m able to get free now that this crazy kid loosened their grip, “I’m getting the heck out of here”
As I say that I break throught the crowd and while im making a wild dash down the street I can’t help but notice all the stares coming my way, “Is there something on my face I guess I was just in an accident”, thinking that I stopped in front of a store’s shop window and take a look.

“Ah, there it is”, I groan as I look into the stores window and instead of my lovely, mediocre MALE figure the thing I feared the most since this morning is confronting me in its full blonde haired, blue eyed, fair faced, beauty that seemed to be around 16 years old was as you would guess, a young girl covered in blood,”Ah, how wonderfull XD”,

NO IT’S NOT!“, I screamed will slamming my fist into the window, “This isn’t what wanted when I said I wanted to start over, dammit”

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